Brand: NEOPlex
Product Code: NSC-2432W
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• Solid Corex (Corrugated Plastic)
• 24" x 32" Writing Surface
• Folds Flat for easy storage and transport
• 100% Weatherproof
• 100% Waterproof

This corex roadside tent sign is made out of nearly indestructible, 100% weatherproof polypropylene.  It is light weight but can easily be weighted down with a sandbag, cinder block, or nearly anything easily by placing the weight on the inside bottom of the sign.  It stands on any flat, hard surface such as concrete, pavement, or packed dirt. The sign features two 24" x 32" white writing surfaces that can be written on or have posters applied to customize your sign.  Please note that the corex surface is primarily designed for single-use messages and is not treated for use with dry erase markers. 

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