We carry magnetic, non-magnetic and acrylic matt chalkboards to meet nearly any need. Our non-magnetic boards are made of a melamine (plastic laminate) backed on a high-density fiberboard which makes them lightweight, but sturdy to stand up to years of use and is available in either black or green. Our magnetic boards are steel-backed so that magnets can stick to the surface. The acrylic matt board is made of a solid Plexiglas with a textured surface so that it is matt instead of glossy. All of our chalkboards work with traditional stick chalk, liquid chalk markers, and even our waterproof neomarkers.

Marker boards from NEOPlex come in a large variety of sizes. Choose from presentation boards, combination boards, wall mount and floor presentation easels. Easily write your messages and just as quickly erase it away for quick changes and a reusable surface. Need a custom sized whiteboard? We can cut just about any size you may need in our non-magnetic stock; we can also customize shapes implementing our high precision CNC routers! Call now for more information! 1.800.451.9779