Neoplex carriers a variety of makers to partner with our wide selection of sign boards.  We feature our own brand of dry erase markers, liquid chalk markers and waterproof neon markers.  Each of our markers is available in a selection of bright colors to give you even more options to get your message seen.

Our low odor dry erase markers work with any dry erase board at a price that is hard to beat.  Better than chalk sticks, our liquid chalk markers work on nearly any chalkboard or non-porous surface including glass, Plexiglas and acrylic. They are easy to use like a pen but dry to a powder-like finish like chalk without all the dust.  Our waterproof markers are semi-permanent and once they dry will stand up to water and smudging but can still be removed with a cleaner and cloth.  These neon markers are so good at their job that they are used by many law enforcement agencies around the country.

Not sure what will work best for you? Give us a call or email us and our customer service team will be happy to assist you.