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  • Low density LED bulbs with an open-face design for a low price point.
  • Steady red ATM super bright LED lights sure to attract attention.
  • Semi-gloss frame and matte black backboard help the lighting appear brighter.
  • These energy-saving window light-boxes, should only be used indoors.
  • A hanging chain and hooks are included with the unit for easy installation.
  • 65% larger than the competition!
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Having an automatic teller machine on the premises of an establishment is one of the greatest services that can be offered to a visitor or customer. This LED ATM signs features a clear, well lit display customers will not be able to miss! Neon colored red lights attract the eye and direct visitors. These LED ATM signs that display indoors are designed to be used in windows and seen by passersby on the street. However, these illuminated displays will look equally good displayed on a wall in the vicinity of a cash machine. These portable LED ATM signs, also known as animated signage, are suitable for a wide variety of businesses like banks, convenience stores, pubs, office buildings, and many more.

Animated displays offer lots of appealing characteristics for their owners. This neon bank signage, LED ATM signs features a rectangle shape. These non-scrolling bank signage displays hang from an included chains, and include are shipped from the manufacturer with a 12 Volt adapter and a hanging hardware set to make displaying the signage quick and easy!

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