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  • Includes Pre-Printed Flag + Pole + Ground Stake
  • Heavy duty 31 inch metal spike for placement on grass and other soft outdoor surfaces
  • 12.5 feet tall by 38 inch wide swooper flag with red color scheme and popcorn vibrant graphics that are sure to capture attention
  • Dye sublimation imprinting helps to prevent fade resistance [single-side printing, mirror image on the other side]
  • 15 foot heavy duty anodized aluminum pole for durable flag mounting
  • Quick, one person easy assembly!

This Income Tax Service swooper flag, also called a feather banner, has a vibrant green color scheme. The message on the feather banner reads 'Income Tax Service', making this sign an ideal advertising banner. Each extra wide flag stands 12 feet tall and over 3 feet wide. The feather banner's sheer size alone can be seen from afar and is more effective at reaching customers than other traditional signs. This swooper flag is constructed from UV treated, lightweight and affordable polyester, balancing quality and affordability. The graphics are imprinted using dye-sublimation for fade resistance. Each banner is has the imaged dyed-through; this means a mirror image of the graphic is visible from the reverse side.

Income Tax Service Swooper Flag Bundle
Thisincome tax service flag also comes with an aluminum pole. The feather banner's pole is lightweight, making it easy to transport the pole from one location to the next. The aluminum pole, pre-printed design and polyester material were all chosen due to the fact they result in a lower cost blade banner. This feather banner includes a ground spike in addition to the flag and aluminum pole. The ground spike included with purchase is manufactured from steel and can be reused repeatedly. Each stake can be driven into any soft ground or grassy surfaces up to 2 feet deep, which allows advertisers to position the flag near high-traffic roadways! This windless bundle features a curved design to keep it standing tall, no wind needed!

  • *Overall Kit: 38"w x 190"h x 1-1/8"d
  • Swooper Banner Size: 38"w x 138"h
  • *Pole w/o Flag: 1-1/8"dia. x 180"h
  • Steel Ground Spike: 5/8"dia. x 31"h
  • Weight: 9 lbs.


*Not mounted on Ground Spike

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